How To Measure


If you are not sure what size of rosa mosa shoes you are, follow these steps:


1a) Please be so kind and measure the bottom length of your foot (see the

following picture)

1b) Alternatively, you might want to measure the middle length of an insole from

your best fitting pair of round toe flat shoes

2) Take a look at the our size guide, and refer to the style you are interested in (f.i. size guide for Donau Clog)

3) If you are between the sizes, you need to round a number up.



• You would like to buy a rosa mosa DONAU CLOG

• You measured your foot length described in 1a, and it’s 24,5 cm = 245 mm

• Take a look at the size guide Donau Clog
• For the length of 24,5 cm we recommend you to take a size EU 38
• Use the same system of measuring for all of our rosa mosa styles
• Please mind that different styles follow different size tables