A different pair of shoes – In pursuit of a non-conformist style and excellence in craftsmanship, rosa mosa engages with traditional Austrian and Eastern European suppliers and artisans to create handcrafted footwear, bags and accessories with character and cultural relevance. Using long-forgotten techniques in tanning and leathercrafting, rosa mosa’s products put a new spin on the word “old-fashioned”. Available in boutiques all around the world, the spirit of the past finds itself resurrected in the context of international fashion and artistic thought.


INVITATION: rosa mosa x DoverStreetMarket Ginza event, Oct. 19th

Open day @ DoverStreetMarket Ginza with rosa mosa, 19th Oct.

13:00-14:00 "Chopstick Piano" Performance by Sami El in the Rose Bakery 7F
14:00-15:00 Talk event by artist Mari Katayama in the Rose Bakery 7F
16:00-17:00 Event on 2F with photographer, Michael Alvedon

16:00 - 19:00 special performance by rosa mosa with
'augmented sculptures' by Christian Ruschitzka - drinks and more on 3F

17:00~18:00 Book signing for SSAW magazine on 5F
18:00-19:00 In store live by band VOWWS on 5F
20:00 Store Close

6-9-5 Chuo-ku, Ginza
104-0061 Tokyo, Japan

artwork: Christian Ruschitzka