Dear Reader ... 👑

Dear Reader,


We are excited to welcome you to a new chapter of rosa mosa. Our combined SHOP and WORKSHOP, now located in a historic building in the heart of Vienna will sweep you off your feet!

In this newsletter, we’re thrilled to feature the ROCCO GEOs. We adore their simple yet meticulously crafted design, perfect for adding a touch of laissez-faire to your everyday outfit.

Whether paired with a business outfit or a romantic dress, the ROCCO GEOs are versatile and stylish.

Don’t forget to visit our WEBSHOP regularly! We are constantly adding new models to keep our collection fresh and exciting. Or, if you prefer, stop by our new shop at Richtergasse 1 and say hello in person.


Always yours, 

rosa mosa



ROSA MOSA is Moving Castle 🏯


Dear rosa mosa family,

We have very exciting news to share:
we are moving to a new space!

After searching for a while, we have finally found the perfect location at

Richtergasse 1/ Corner Neubaugasse, 1070 Vienna,

where we can combine our shop and studio space.

This new location has a rich history, as it was previously home to the prestigious manufacturer Colins Hüte. We are honored to continue the legacy of such a distinguished Viennese institution.

In a way, we feel a bit like we're in Ghibli's famous movie "Howl's Moving Castle" as we embark on this new adventure.

Come visit us and experience our new fairy tale location together. 

MON-FR: 11:00 - 18:30
SAT: 10:00 - 17:00

We can't wait to welcome you from
and check out our freshly made
summer shoe models!

Always yours,

Handmade Crochet Style Wonders ♥️


How to be or how not to be?


How to be dressed but undressed?

This is a riddle just ROSA MOSA can solve.
The answer lies in our enchanting crochet pieces. These DRESSES and TOPS offer a delicate balance of elegance and sensuality, allowing you to feel beautifully covered while subtly revealing.

Explore our variety of colors and let your inspiration soar.

For multiple seasons, we have proudly collaborated with a talented women's collective from Bosnia, the artisans behind our exquisite knits. Now, for the first time, they bring you our stunning Crochet Net Dresses and Tops, all handmade.

And don't forget to visit our SHOP regularly! We're always adding new models to keep things fresh.


 Thank you for supporting handmade fashion

and empowering artisan communities.


Always yours,

rosa mosa

Lets bring COMFY back ! 🛋️



Do you want to feel as cozy on the go as you do at home? Or bring that homey feeling wherever you wander? Look no further—choose from our diverse collection of DIAMOND SLIDES.

With their lightweight design and striking color variations, your feet will feel right at home with every step.

And don't forget to visit our WEBSHOP regularly! We're always adding new models to keep things fresh.

Always Yours,


Chloe the spring messenger 👒

Our Favorite
Spring Messenger:

Your Wardrobe !


Introducing our newest shoe model CHLOE, whose name originates from the Greek word for blooming. This clog embodies the essence of spring, with its texture and color reminiscent of freshly opening flowers. Crafted from the softest leather, CHLOE promises to spoil your feet with its gentle touch!

Explore our webshop to uncover our latest additions on our website designed to pamper your feet.

Always yours, 

rosa mosa