Shoes and Bags made by Valeria out of 🌽 corn leaves 💛!!!

Valeria's handmade shoes and bags

Have you ever wondered how our Valeria products come to life? Each piece is meticulously handcrafted by twisting wet corn leaves and assembling them around a mold. This unique technique, nearly extinct in Central Europe, is a rare craft that we've preserved through the skill of one of the last artisans who still master it.

Valeria does every step of the process herself. She plants the corn, harvests it, dries it, and finally transforms it into exquisite shoes and bags. Her dedication and craftsmanship shine through in every product.

We adore her devoted artistry and the stunning pieces she creates. Browse through our collection of one-of-a-kind items and choose the perfect piece to wear this season.

Don't miss out! Visit our WEBSHOP regularly as we continuously add new models to keep our collection fresh and exciting. Or, if you prefer, stop by our new shop at Richtergasse 1 and say hello in person.



Valeria in the process of crafting shoes

Always yours,

rosa mosa