Delivery & Returns

  1. Delivery, Delivery Period, Product Availability, Dispatch

rosa mosa delivers to the given address. According to experience the delivery period is three to five working days, at the latest 14 working days after placing your Order. If this period of dispatch has expired, an extension of 14 working days is automatically generated without any further declaration by the customer. If this additional period also expires you can cancel your contract.

If the products you have ordered are not available at the time of your order, or rosa mosa cannot otherwise for any reason comply with the terms of delivery, you will be informed directly. At the same time rosa mosa will inform you of a new delivery date as is reasonable according to circumstances. If the product is still not available in this new delivery period, rosa mosa can partially or completely withdraw from the contract. Any pre-payments will promptly be refunded by rosa mosa. If the delay is not acceptable to you, you can cancel your order by notifying rosa mosa in writing immediately (by email).

If you have ordered several products, rosa mosa might send you these in several separate deliveries. rosa mosa will inform you of this course of action before dispatch. If part of your order is currently not available or permanently unavailable, this part of your order will be cancelled. Only the products available will be listed in the order confirmation. Thus a contract does not result from unavailable products in the order.

The dispatch occurs with the most cost effective mode of dispatch, with GLS or via The Post Office, or, if specifically requested by the customer, with EMS, FedEx, or UPS. The danger of damage is transferred to the dispatcher, and then, after you have accepted the products from the dispatcher, to you. If you receive goods visibly damaged by transport, you can claim your right to return the goods.

  1. Returns

You can cancel your contract up to 7 days after receiving the products without citing a reason by notifying us or by returning the products. You must notify us prior of your intention to return the products to us within this period. If you wish to return part or all of your order a partial or full refund will only be paid when the products have arrived at rosa mosa in their original, undamaged state. Please make sure by all means that you state on the original invoice, which you must reattach to the outside of your return parcel, that your shipping is a RETURN shipping !

The returns must be sent to the following address: 

rosa mosa
Mollardgasse 85A/3/125+126
1060 Vienna

Please note, you must take reasonable care of the products whilst they are in your possession and, when returning products to us, you must ensure that they are in the same condition they were in when you received them (i.e. they must be unworn and returned with all labeling and original packaging). If you fail to comply with this obligation, we may have a right of action against you for compensation. This also applies if any accessories or other parts are missing.
There is no right of return if the original label was removed from the Product, as rosa mosa assumes that, in this case, the product has been accepted.

Refunds must be completed within 30 days. For the customer this period begins after dispatching the products or the request of return, for rosa mosa with receipt of the returns.

You cannot claim any right of return if the product has been made specifically according to your wishes/ made to order, or if the product was purchased in sale or with discount.

The cost of returns are payable by the customer. Should the Returns be sent by freight forward, rosa mosa has the right to charge you the relevant sum or deduct it from your refund. Goods must be received at our Vienna office within 7 days after dispatch, the chosen shipping service must be with tracking option.

Taxes, duties, fees and handling charges by the carrier will NOT be refunded if the order is returned.