Photos: Yasmina Haddad
Styling: Rike Hemedinger
Models: Michi K. @ Casting Büro Wien / Thomas B. @ Casting Büro Wien

Running through rosa mosa’s autumn and winter 2019/20 collection is the classic Austrian hunter’s theme. Unencumbered by traditions, it is – in the “rosa mosa way” – strikingly cool and urban.

The colors: olive green, grandma’s-leather-school-satchel brown, off-white, gray-green, tobacco brown. The materials: durable wool and rabbit felt, warm Icelandic sheepskin, chromium-free leather.

The collection includes hats, saddle bags, voluminous partially patchworked ball bags, leather and sheepskin trainers, two-toned fur shoes.

The limited edition hat “Robin” – a collaboration with the Viennese hatmaker Mühlbauer – can be worn in no less than three different ways and bears a unique handmade hatpin fashioned from a coin, which marks each hat with a number and date.

rosa mosa’s first line of trainers will be produced just a stone’s throw away from Vienna in collaboration with a traditional work shoe manufacturer. The real rubber soles are made using original 1950’s molds. The uppers are constructed from sheepskin and vegetable tanned leather. Characteristic for Icelandic sheep is their dual fleece which grows naturally in two lengths. This makes the fur curly and at the same time incredibly warm.


As with previous collections, rosa mosa strives to design and manufacture a large part of its shoe and accessory collection at its workshop or at local production plants. This keeps delivery distances short and ensures pride and joy in the production process.